Social Media & Your Small Business – What’s the Right Direction?

Not a day goes by whereas I do not chat with a small business owner about social media and how challenging it is to keep up with the trends. Most of my conversations are about how to appropriately use each site, and Return on Marketing Investments (ROMI). I encourage small business owners to jump in.. read more →

Optimize Away: Top SEO Tools & Tricks to Dominate Google

Website owners have been using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools for years as a way to position their websites at the top of search engine results, bring in more traffic, and attract new customers. With each Google update, new SEO tools and tricks are devised by clever website owners to keep their sites ranking at the.. read more →

How to Salvage Your Brand’s Reputation in the Midst of a Major Crisis

Just when you’ve gotten your brand in order, and you’re literally on at prime time, and there are millions of eyeballs watching something you played a part in producing, added with the fact that sensational mega super star, Beyonce Knowles Carter has just shaken down the house with her voice and choreography, something goes wrong,.. read more →

Communicating with Communicators – With Dr. Leonard N. Smith

            Brandbuilder hosts a 50 minute “TweetChat” called #MasterYourBrandChat.  Our most recent tweetchat, “Communicating with Communicators” included Dr. Leonard N. Smith, Sr. Minister of Mount Zion Baptist Church, Arlington, VA.  Dr. Smith provided insight on how to engage, communicate with and direct creative types for project work. The #MasterYourBrandChat feature was.. read more →

PR Therapy for the Small Business – With Robin Blakely

Brandbuilder hosts a 50 minute “TweetChat” called #MasterYourBrandChat.  Our most recent tweetchat, “PR Therapy for the Small Business” included expert public relations and marketing specialist, Robin Blakely, author of  PR Therapy and Six Hats.   Ms. Blakely insight to how small business owners can make wiser decisions in the areas of attracting and managing the press, current.. read more →

TweetChats and Google Hangouts! Staying Connected

Join us for the next #MasterYourBrandChat!  Immediately following our TweetChat which will run from 8-9pm we will move to the world’s first VIRTUAL AFTER PARTY ON Google+ HangOut On Air! We’re having the first ever VIRTUAL AFTER PARTY! That’s right. Immediately following Tuesday night’s #MasterYourBrandChat we’ll be on a Google+ Hangout – live. Space is.. read more →

What Your Small Business Is Missing – By Not Having an Advisory Board

Brandbuilder hosts a 50 minute “TweetChat” called #MasterYourBrandChat.  Our most recent tweetchat, “What Your Small Business Is Missing By Not Having an Advisory Board” included the award winning CEO for Information Experts™, author of Built to Scale, and nationally renowned speaker, Marissa Levin. Ms. gave insight to research she has conducted on advisory boards, and how.. read more →

Why Would Somebody Hire You As A Speaker? #MasterYourBrandChat with Guest Lois Creamer

Brandbuilder hosts a 50 minute “TweetChat” called #MasterYourBrandChat.  Our most recent tweetchat, “Why Would Somebody Hire You As A Speaker?” included nationally renowned speaker of speakers, Lois Creamer, CEO of BookMoreBusiness ( Lois Creamer covered a broad range of questions about building and maintaining a brand around the speaking business. Ms. Creamer invited participants to.. read more →

Social Media Marketing for Pros – A Q&A Series from #MasterYourBrandChat

Brandbuilder hosts a 50 minute “TweetChat” called #MasterYourBrandChat.  Our most recent tweetchat, Social Media Marketing for “Pros”, included two times published author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Social Media Marketing, Jennifer Abernethy. Jennifer Abernethy covered a broad range of professional level social media marketing questions about online marketing and brand building. The #MasterYourBrandChat feature.. read more →

Communicating Through Our Adversities

I had the privilege of seeing Motivational Speaker, Les Brown in person through a CEO Space event a few months ago.  What a great event that was! I met so many interesting people, and reconnected with other great folks in my network.  While there, I could not help but notice the glowing face of a.. read more →